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The web3 community on the whole has been feeling a little bit low in recent days as we’ve all been witnessing a bear market. But I am here to give you a piece of sweet news that kindle your taste buds., a new NFT marketplace was launched a few days ago. It came with a banger NFT drop that created some mind-blowing records and that’s why it is a great relief for the NFT community., What’s the deal? is an NFT marketplace that is a house for the world’s first play-to-earn cricket NFT game. A few days back a collection of 55,000 cricket NFTs were dropped on the and all these NFTs got sold out in under 9 minutes. This created a massive fuzz in the web3 world as it is a never-seen-before record and made people wonder what kind of a demand these cricket NFTs have got.

But if you look deep cricket being a sport with more than a hundred crore fans around the globe 55,000 NFTs sounds like a very minimal amount of assets.

Why all this fuzz for cricket NFTs?

The cricket NFTs that were dropped on the are the digital assets of the world’s first cricket play-to-earn game,NFT Marketplace for Sports Meta Cricket League. The users who own the NFTs will be able to play the game and earn rewards in USDT. Sounds exciting right!

The roadmap of the project doesn’t end with just the game it has more to it. Following the game launch in the Q2 of 2022, the users will also be able to buy cricket playgrounds, host tournaments, participate in the metaverse cricket world cups, and more. In short, a cricket metaverse similar to the real world is being built and the first step to entering this virtual world of cricket is to own a cricket NFT.

Closing Thoughts

You can buy the cricket game NFTs on now and be ready to make some earnings on Meta Cricket League. See you all on the cricket metaverse.

  • Jesse Pinkman
  • May 14 2022
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