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Wordle vs. Dordle: What's the Difference?

Dordle and Wordle share much of the same rules, including a 5X6 game board(s) and a recognizable color coding scheme (green, yellow, and grey) that indicates the status of letters in your guesses.

However, there is a distinction to be made. Because Dordle has two grids instead of Wordle's one, the keyboard will reflect two colors, the left half for the left grid and the right half for the right grid (thus the name Dordle).

These colorful keys on the Dordle's keyboard will change proportions after you've guessed one word (smaller left part if the left word is guessed first). For a visual representation, see the image below.

Dordle allows you to duplicate your results in two ways. While copy to clipboard copies the routine of your word(s)-guessing journey, copy in discord format includes a spoiler-filled column with your predictions.

Another significant distinction between Dordle and Wordle is the number of games you can play in a single day. After finishing the day's game, Dordle allows players to play a fresh game. All you have to do is return after completing your daily dordle and tap/click on free dordle.

A good approach is to answer one word right immediately if you know it.

When playing puzzle games that are bound by anything, it's always useful to have a few tricks under your sleeve. In this example, we're constrained by the amount of tries, which is seven. With such a restricted number of tries and an additional grid to worry about, keeping track of the number of tries left after each estimate is critical.

Remember that you get seven tries to guess two words, therefore by the sixth try, you must have figured out at least one of the two words.

And if you have correctly identified one of the words, please submit it as soon as possible since we don't want to be caught in a situation where we have to input two answers but only have one attempt remaining. It's impossible to guess two words in one try unless both words are the same, or to strike two birds with one arrow, as the case may be.

These games are available on octordle

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  • Jun 20 2022
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