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The Perfect Blog Post with Quick Research Methods

Hi I’m Julie and I’m Ricky’s wife and I’m here today because we want to talk about how to do really quality research for your articles and how to do it fast. I thought we might spice things up a little bit so what are we doing in our garden with a basket of some eggs well. I figured let's put Ricky to a challenge normally his writers have two hours to research and write their article. So according to coursework proofreading service UK, today I thought we'd make him do it in one but not only that first I picked a random article topic off of his list that he'd previously done the ketu research for and I’m going to bury it in one of our garden beds. And then he has to find it but because I’m not completely horrid and for a little more fun.

We have two bonus eggs that will give him five and ten extra minutes and one that we'll knock off too just for the fun of it. I’ve asked my son to help record as I hide the eggs this is the egg with his topic this is the one where he loses now we got to make it look like we've been digging in the other ones too okay. I think well we're ready for him to come find him later today so you set this up this morning yeah okay well okay are you ready on your mark timer get set go. let's see is that it what'd you find I get five extra minutes how often do baby chicks die and when they're vulnerable are there other prized ones yes is it worth it ten more minutes 10 minutes sweet. I would stop looking yeah okay so what do you do now I guess I write an article even though I’m covered in dirt and sweat all right. I’ve got an hour eight minutes and 25 seconds now to research and write this blog post we'll see what I can do good luck sounds well.

The Perfect Research Process:

So spoiler alert I am going to succeed at this I’ll let you watch a little bit as I do it but while I’m in the corner there completing this task. I want to explain to you this research process because the research process is extremely important writing a blog post in an hour could be a tough thing to do. But doing that and actually having some sort of original and helpful research is extremely difficult to do. So let me show you exactly what I did in this blog post and then let me talk about sort of what I would do optimally.

Find what the web already has:

If I had just a little bit more time one of the first things I obviously did was I just googled the question. Now obviously what that's going to do is going to show me the competition and I wouldn't have picked this topic. If there was a lot of really good competition but what that did is it started to send me down a few different avenues what you'll see is that some of the searches that I did weren't the exact same search query. The search query that I got in my search analysis was just how often do baby chicks die but really part of that question is like what percentage of baby chicks die before they you know obviously reach maturity in which case they're no longer chicks that's part of the question at what stage of life are baby chicks most vulnerable. If we can understand some of those different pieces of the question then it's going to help us frame a better answer than what's already out there now a normal Google search turned up some blog posts and it also turned up some good information provided from some hatcheries which is another thing.

Contacting experts and polling experienced people:

I’d have done with a little more time is actually potentially call a handful of hatcheries and do a survey of them of what percentage of baby chicks die in the hatchery. When they're really young I also could have just had a conversation and asked some questions about the whole process in the hatchery how that goes how vulnerable those little baby chicks really are at that stage versus. At later stages of life they would have been able to tell me some about the environment they put the chicks in sort of the precautions that they take I could have talked to some of the stores around called even the local store. Where I bought my own baby chicks to find out sort of how they keep those chicks day to day you know how much they feed them how much do they clean out the area where they're kept. I certainly could have talked with more experts now there's a reason that I was able to get away without doing this that I’m going to talk about here in just a couple more minutes.

Find stats and scholarly content through Google Scholar:

The next thing that you'll see that I did is I actually went to Google scholar on Google scholar. I’m able to do a search and actually find some scholarly content. I found a couple of kind of interesting studies that have been done on certain hatcheries those studies gave me kind of a range of what to expect what's normal in those first 10 days. When they're most vulnerable as well as they help me understand kind of the difference between like chicks that are born in a hatchery in kind of perfect conditions versus those that are hatched and maybe raised by individuals without sort of those optimal conditions.

Finding gems on YouTube:

The next place I went for research was actually YouTube. YouTube is kind of a treasure trove of information the reason is that there's a lot of information shared on YouTube that's not quite as easily indexable YouTube’s really good and they know exactly what's being said in every video and they do index it pretty well. But people don't typically go to YouTube to find answers to some of these types of specific questions also when somebody does a Google search these are not the types of searches that videos are showing up prominently and predominantly in those search results. So oftentimes in these videos on YouTube people are sharing just fantastic information that's not even necessarily just the specific answer to your question.

But it's also kind of covering the whole topic in a much more broad way but a much more complete way and so by watching some of these videos you're able to get a lot more breadth of knowledge and immerse yourself. Further within the topic that's actually why we give our writers a full two hours to write this length of a blog post they have a full 30 minutes to do research before they ever write a single word answering the search query and we have them do the exact same things that I’m talking to you about here. Today they'll go to Google and do a search they may go to Google scholar and find some scholarly data some statistics or some really interesting information there. But oftentimes they'll go to YouTube and they'll watch multiple videos to help them understand the topic in its entirety rather than just the answer to this one little question kind of by itself well this brings me.

Immerse yourself in your niche during non-writing time:

Next point which is the best way to do original research is to actually immerse yourself within your niche. I’m talking about baby chicks on this website fairly frequently lately because it's something that I’m doing in my life right now. I’m actually raising my own baby jigs really though immersion in the topic is the best way to succeed at doing research for blog posts the more involved you are in the niche that you're writing about the better the content that you're going to create you're not going to have to rely on what other bloggers wrote what other people said on YouTube. And just the information that's available to you you'll be able to rely a lot more on your own experience even if you're not a total expert the other thing I would have done.

Use Facebook groups and forums to learn from others:

If I had more time or if I didn't need to write this in one sitting is I would have gone to some Facebook groups or forums or places where I participate in online discussion. And I would have posted questions I would have asked other people who raised chicks what percentage of your chicks typically survive. But I did find some information that backed up the results that I found in the scholarly articles as well as from my own experience. So that I could give people kind of a rough number of what they could expect but putting together your own data is really the best way to go so go to social media and ask people that question and then allow yourself to come back later gather that data put together a nice table or a nice little chart.

The result of about 1 hour of research and writing:

Now write the article doing high quality research for your blog post doesn't have to be that complicated and clearly it doesn't have to take that much time in an hour and 15 minutes. Because I found a couple of extra eggs I was able to not only find my topic. But I was able to write the article this article came out to 1169 words and I actually feel pretty happy with it, it's quite complete the only thing that I need to add at this point is some photos I might have added some stock images for blog post.

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