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Best Smart Locker | Debourgh

The Debourgh Smart locker data management system allows for the configuration of the allotment of fixed, dynamic, guest, and team lockers. A fixed or appointed locker is best for individuals or groups that are still dedicated to a specific area or workspace. For people and organisations that are already acclimated to the dynamic use of office space, a dynamic locker is more appropriate. A dynamic locker allows for the connection of a time limit to locker use. People and organisations who utilise their workplace as a meeting place would benefit from a dynamic locker with features like time restrictions. Fixed and dynamic lockers can be combined and utilised.

Debourgh is a very nice alternative if you want a locker system that can provide data so you may manage and assign storage space using that data. Additionally, we wanted to cut our storage capacity by 40%, and that was really successful. For more details visit our website.

  • Atashiwe
  • Jul 28 2022
  • Needs review
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